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Professor Parcu presented a paper in Barcelona

On 25 May, Professor Parcu presented a paper at the 25th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics in Barcelona. The paper “On some Historical Contributions of the Postal and Delivery Conference” is co-authored by...

The paper “Smart City or Smart Cities: How to Define This New Challenge” (Boulenguer, C., and Perez, Y.) will be presented at the 6th Florence Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures (16 June 2017). 


The literature emphasizes several visions of smart cities, in which sciences and their applications are considered either like levers of transformation of the territories (Mahizhnan, 1999) or as an indicator of efficiency (economic, social, ecological), “which can make a city economically competitive, efficiently managed and enjoyable to read” (Attour and Rallet, 2014). If “the use of new technologies and data is the prerequisite to any logic of Smart Cities ” (Rochet, 2014), the main aim of this article is to provide us with a pragmatic definition of the smart city in which intelligence is conceived as “ the strategic use of digital technology in urban planning and management ” (Guyonnaud, 2016). Beyond the promises of energy efficiency and optimization of flows (monetary, human, commercial…), this work seeks to recall the epistemology of the term of “smart city” by registering it in the history of the urban forms – too often isolated of the reflection.


Camille Boulenguer is a master student at Paris Dauphine University, France. She is working at France Strategy, an institution related to French Prime Minister and work on a smart city report. She’s has already got a Master about Strategy and Urban Planning. Her main research topics are related to the economics of organizations/platform/ICT/technological changes/design of cities and more particularly of smart cities. She begins a thesis in September with Prof Eric Brousseau at the chair of Dauphine “Governance and Regulation”.

Yannick Perez: Loyola de Palacio Chair Chief Advisor at the Florence School of Regulation.


Presentation by Camille Boulenguer

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