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Hijacking the noösphere? Digital economy and the role of artificial intelligence

The intersection between artificial intelligence, economic growth and societal development


19 April 2024

12:00 - 13:30 CET


Seminar Room, Villa Malafrasca and online

via Boccaccio, 151

This CDS Talk will present key ideas from the books 'Artificial Intelligence: Economic Perspectives and Models' (published by Cambridge University Press) and 'Economic Growth and Societal Collapse' (Palgrave Macmillan)

The seminar will discuss the concept of artificial intelligence through an economic lens, describing the improvements that may be applied to current modelling to better understand its impact on socio-economic development. The first part of the seminar will focus on the role of the Noösphere and the development of collective intelligence through artificial intelligence, exploring its potential connections to economic growth homeostasis. The second part will deal with the role of digital entrepreneurship to favour or limit the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence in economic systems.

The CDS Talks are a series of lunchtime presentations organised by the Centre for a Digital Society. In these sessions, renowned experts share their knowledge on core issues related to the center's main research areas, fostering dynamic discussions that encourage questions, debate, and knowledge sharing.


Leonardo Mazzoni

European University Institute

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Scientific Organiser

Pier Luigi Parcu

European University Institute

Marco Botta

European University Institute

Leonardo Mazzoni

European University Institute


Leonardo Mazzoni

European University Institute


Wim Naudé

RWTH Aachen University

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