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Sector coupling through the lens of 5 G networks

The paper “Sector coupling through the lens of 5 G networks” (Knieps, G.) will be presented at the 9th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures (25-26 June, 2020). ABSTRACT The relevance of 5G is...

In its new Digital Strategy, the European Commission indicates that that it will evaluate and review the fitness of EU competition rules for the digital age. A specific point of contention is how will the Commission ensure that large platforms, with significant network effects and acting as gatekeepers, remain fair and contestable for innovators, businesses, and new market entrants?

In this working paper Peter Alexiadis and Alexandre de Streel begin by reviewing the relevant precedents under EU competition law and economic regulation upon which this reform could be based. The paper recommends to adapt competition rules,  in particular as regards the determination of market power and the application of theories of harm, and a cumulative ‘three criteria test’ to determine the types of digital platforms upon which competition rules should focus. Consideration is given to the types of remedies potentially imposed on those platforms and, lastly, the paper proposes adapting existing antitrust guidelines, extending the power of DG Competition and working closely with National Regulatory Agencies.

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